“It’s not just about the destination; it’s about appreciating the journey to getting there.”































Hypnotherapy Sessions

Through hypnosis and creative visualization techniques, we build a stronger and more intimate relationship with your inner child. Hypnotherapy uncovers unconscious self-limiting beliefs that, often times, hold us back from achieving our most desired goals. Together, we will move through triggers, uncover the root of unwanted habits and/or transform trauma in a safe and healing space. 


Intuitive Empowerment Counseling

Together, we will focus on the present moment to  overcome obstacles through learning how to trust your own inner compass. Within each of us lies a deep intuitive wisdom, a knowing, an impulse, that can assist us in making everyday decisions that are best for our well-being. Let’s discover and build a healthy relationship with your inner self and learn to trust your own intuitive guidance.  The answers you seek already lie within you! 


Health and Life Coaching

This is a 12-session journey of commitment to self that will encourage positive personal transformation! Let’s dive in and examine various areas of current reality, discover personal patterns, uncover limiting beliefs and apply personalized tools to create habit changes that last in your health and life. This journey will encourage you to take control of your life and start directing it’s course by creating personalized action steps towards reaching your goals! 



 Spiritual Development and Awakening

Through one-on-one spiritual awakening sessions, we will explore your unique path to encourage a stronger connection with your inner guru. Where focus goes, energy flows! By focusing on bringing peace and clarity to our inner world, our external world begins to shift and reflect those changes occurring within. In recognizing the power of the law of attraction, you will begin to see this world with a new set of eyes. You are not here to face reality; you are here to create it!




Interactive Workshops

Meet your tribe of like minded people dedicated to spiritual and personal growth! Interactive group sessions will focus on various themes and practices to bring you into greater alignment with your most authentic self. Group sessions will encourage meditation, energy alignment and self-reflective practices that encourage ongoing spiritual development. Be sure to have your journal handy!


Additional Questions?

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Within the Journey does not provide medical advice. The website and services provided are intended for personal growth and spiritual awakening purposes only. They are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is important to attain professional medical advice outside of Within the Journey services as needed. The services provided by Within the Journey are meant to work in alignment and alongside professional medical services to best support you along your personal journey.