Intuitive Counseling & Hypnotherapy Bundle


Through Intuitive Counseling, we will focus on the present moment to  overcome obstacles through learning how to trust your own inner compass. Within each of us lies a deep intuitive wisdom, a knowing, an impulse, that can assist us in making everyday decisions that are best for our well-being. Let’s discover and build a healthy relationship with your inner self and learn to trust your own intuitive guidance.  The answers you seek already lie within you! Coupled with Hypnotherapy, we will use the HypnoSynergistic approach and apply creative visualization techniques to build a stronger and more intimate relationship with your inner child. Hypnotherapy uncovers unconscious self-limiting beliefs that, often times, hold us back from achieving our most desired goals. Together, we will move through triggers, uncover the root of unwanted habits and/or transform trauma in a safe and healing space.


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