Katherine Korwal, CHT., M.Ed. 


Certifications: Registered Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist via American Board of Hypnotherapy, HypnoSynergistic Approach to Post Traumatic Stress via Pathways to Health, B.S. in Child Study from St. Joseph’s College, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from American College of Education, Official POUND Pro Training, Qoya Training via Inspire and Move, Usui Shiki Ryoho First Degree Reiki Practitioner through Reiki For Your Life, Master An-Ra Energy Healer through Pathways to Health, Certified Trance Medium via Pathways of Love and Light, Certified completion of Intuitive Counseling through Pathways of Love and Light, Certified Health and Life Coach via Health Coach Institute 



Client  Testimonials

Jason K.


“I really enjoy Katherine’s coaching style as well as positive energy and find her very effective. It’s easy to open up to her as I am able to explain the issues I would like to work on. She helped me find solutions to my digestion issues and now I have techniques to eat slower and digest meals better that I can use forever. I definitely recommend Katherine as a Health Coach.”

Teri S.


“Katherine is an amazing coach. Her infectious energy and incredible insights gave me some valuable tools to consider and work with after just one session. If you are stuck in some areas of your own life, or fears are holding you back from whatever you desire, I have no doubt Katherine can help!”

Marinus C.


“Katherine is an amazing coach full of energy and intuitiveness. She is funny, supportive and open to change as it comes. She is definitely one of the more connected persons I have encountered in my life.”

Amy R.


“Katherine was excellent. She has positive and contagious energy! She was very present, focused, and is a great listener and coach! She seems wise and intuitive and this really came through to me clearly in the way we interacted and how she responded to me. I loved working with her and felt inspired after spending time with Katherine!”

Within the Journey










It is my belief, that at our very core, there lies a unique intuitive wisdom we all have access to within ourselves. The answers you “seek” already lie within you! When we begin to recognize this truth, miracles begin to happen. The breath of life begins to flow as a stream of endless abundance when we grant permission to ourselves to create the life we want. We are not facing reality; we are the creators of our reality. Within the Journey to remembering how to live a most authentic life, we find peace. We find joy. We find passion. I welcome you onto this path of never-ending self-discovery as we unravel personal truths to create lasting transformation. It’s not just about the destination, it’s about appreciating the journey to getting there! 

Sending You Good Juju,